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Personal desk. Super-fast Internet. Individual lockers. Fax/printer. Unlimited drinks.

Meeting Room

Fully equipped meeting room. Up to 20 people. Catering available.


Great events for startupers & independent professionals.


Legal and Financial Assistance by leading Israeli and international companies.


Our Israeli and Silicon Valley Mentors share their knowledge, experience and network.

Venture Capital

Access to Venture Capital. Israeli and Foreign VC firms, Angel Investors.

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A solution for startup teams & individuals

Hey! We have a Special Proposal for Startups. We offer office hours by the best Israeli and Silicon Valley mentors, exposure to venture funds and much more! Please click the button below and tell us the details about your startup or contact us.

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News & Events

Jerusalem Startup Hub wishes you a Happy Hanukkah!
The most interesting coworking places in the world

Jerusalem Startup Hub featured in Carro De Mola.

Hot desking in paradise

Co-working spaces are popping up all over the world, giving remote workers a chance to get their work done in some unusual places. Jerusalem Startup Hub featured in Computerworld.

Jerusalem’s startup ecosystem takes off

Jerusalem Startup Hub featured in ISRAEL21c.

Lean Startup Machine comes to Jerusalem!

Lean Startup Machine has hit all major continents around the world and now it’s time that Jerusalem gets lean! The Lean Startup Machine Jerusalem event will run from October 22nd to October 24th and will offer local innovators the chance to test their ideas using the same methodologies that have been applied by Dropbox, AirBnB, Zappos, WIX, Hello Doctor and many more LEAN startups. For reservations, questions or interview requests please contact Eric Chambers at eric@leanstartupmachine.com.

Technion in Jerusalem Startup Hub

Jerusalem Startup Hub is privileged to host a presentation on “Startup Nation Genome”. This presentation is targeted for "MASA Technion" students that are interested in starting their business in Israel.

Masa in Jerusalem Startup Hub

Masa Israel Journey is an umbrella organization of long-term gap year, study abroad, and post-graduate programs in Israel for Jewish young adults. Masa offers over 200 study, internship, and volunteer opportunities all over Israel.

Terumo Corporation in Jerusalem Startup Hub

Terumo Corporation was founded in 1921 as Sekisen Ken-onki Corporation by a group of medical scientists led by Dr. Kitasato Shibasaburō to produce medical thermometers in Japan. The company's first product was "Jintan Taionkei", the first Japanese-made thermometer available for sale, and it has since expanded into a medical devices manufacturer, producing medical disposables, cardiovascular systems and diabetes care products.

Jerusalem Startup Hub wishes you a Happy Independence Day!
Jerusalem Startup Hub and JSCapital were featured in TheMarker
Jerusalem Startup Hub and JSCapital held the first Israel Investment Trip

We are pleased to announce that the first Israel Investment Trip provided by Israeli Innovations Magazine IT Business Week (International Edition) was held in Israel with the support of Jerusalem Startup Hub and International Investment Platform - JSCapital. During the trip the group of venture investors from Russia (Flint Capital, Bull Ventures, RUSNANO, MenoraInvest) met on a personal level with the Israeli industry innovation and venture capital, as well as startups at the stage of closing an investment round.

Jerusalem Startup Hub wishes you a Happy Purim!
Jerusalem Startup Hub featured in StartIsrael

.החלופה השפויה לשכירת משרד: חלל עבודה משותף

Jerusalem Startup Hub featured in The Jerusalem Post

The capital offers opportunities for tech innovation and private equity investors.

DreamBigJLM, #GameDevJLM and GameIS present Niv Fisher in Jerusalem Startup Hub

Niv Fisher - an independent games programmer and designer and Founder of SpikySnail Games. Before founding SpikySnail, he was the CTO of the successful Israeli start-up Simbionix where he gained invaluable experience in computer graphics, simulation and algorithm development. SpikySnail - an independent video games development studio found in 2010 by Niv Fisher and Sagi Koren. The studio focuses on innovative, "instantly fun" experiences and exploring paths to push the medium of video games to new grounds. The studio worked with Microsoft Studios to bring "The Splatters" to the Xbox LIVE Arcade platform in 2012 and later on self-published "Super Splatters" on Valve's Steam for PC distribution.  The game was nominated as finalist in both the "Independent Games Festival" and the "Indie Game Challenge" and winner in the 2011 "PAX 10".

Efrat Harif in Jerusalem Startup Hub: "Want to know how to maximize you Non-Dilutive funding?"

Efrat Harif (M.Sc) is a Grant Consultant working at FreeMind Group’s consulting team. Efrat has achieved a great experience in managing complex projects for FreeMind’s clients and in diverse scientific fields. During her work as a consultant Mrs. Harif has gained valuable non-dilutive funding expertise, both strategically in terms of plotting out future plans with companies as well as ample hands-on experience. As part of her work, Mrs. Harif was involved directly in the writing of applications to the office of the chief scientist and other governmental funding agencies. Efrat will talk about building a finance strategy for the company, raising research and development funds from alternative, non-dilutive sources, the identification and correct definition of funding sources and proper construction of the work program. All these are essential for the initial development of the company and often for later stages as well.

Nir Barkat in Jerusalem Startup Hub

Jerusalem - the capital of the Startup Nation. Brunch with the Mayor of Jerusalem. See the video.

Stas Khirman in Jerusalem Startup Hub: "Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship"

Meet Stas Khirman in Jerusalem Startup Hub! Stas is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of three Silicon Valley startups. Following the acquisition of his latest startup ChooChee by Deutsche Telekom, Stas currently serves as CTO of Deutsche Telekom Hosted Business Services. Stas is a Managing Partner of TEC Ventures, an early stage technology venture fund, based in the Silicon Valley, and a founder of TEC Club, a network of thousands of high-tech professionals, investors and angels from all over the world, with the headquarters in the Silicon Valley. Stas is a Co-Chairman of SVOD Conference, a premier conference for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Also, Stas is a Board Member of AmBAR (American Business Association of Russian-speaking professionals) - the largest business association of Russian-speaking professionals in the world. Over the years, Stas has consulted and coached over 1,000 businesses on strategy, business development, and venture financing.

Romanian Trade Mission in Jerusalem Startup Hub

The Association for Information Technology and Communications of Romania includes the most important Romanian IT&C companies. ATIC is interested in the development of permanent channels of communication with similar organizations to support the development of business, education and research partnerships.

Finding Partnership Access to the U.S. Government Market: A Primer

JBNF & Jerusalem Startup Hub are privileged to host a presentation on “How Israeli companies can break into the US government market”. This presentation is targeted for Israeli companies that are interested in selling their products and services to the US government. Edward J. Tolchin is a principal specializing in business litigation and government contracts at Offit Kurman and comes regularly to Israel. He will be in Israel for Sukkot only and agreed to give this important and useful presentation during Chol HaMoed.

Shana Tova!

Dear friends, we heartily congratulate the entire community of the people of Israel with a New Year 5773! On this Day we wish to all a very good and sweet New Year.

WikiBrains in Jerusalem Startup Hub

WikiBrains is a growing community of creative people from all walks of life who embrace associative thinking to get inspired and out of the box. You may associate "Freud" to "Psychology", then someone across the globe links it to "Libido", another one to "Subconscious", and another one to "Dreams" and so on ad infinitum with ever-expanding branches and related content. It is a social, fun and smart space where ideas roam free and multiply.

PowToon in Jerusalem Startup Hub

PowToon will create the world’s most minimalist, user friendly and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional “look and feel” animated presentations. The aim is to establish a new presentation category called “powtoon” – a combination of presentation and animated cartoon – as the industry standard for evolved (animated) presentations.

WiseStamp in Jerusalem Startup Hub

WiseStamp Email Apps enable users to transform their emails into a powerful self expression and promotional tool. WiseStamp is a great example of how feeds of content can enrich our everyday lives. In this case, there’s nothing in our emails being analyzed, but email’s communication capabilities are built upon and added to by WiseStamp.

The Times of Israel about SpaceIL and Jerusalem Startup Hub

Kfir Damari, one of the founders of SpaceIL, spoke to a group of entrepreneurs about the project at an event sponsored by the Jerusalem Startup Hub, a new space in the city for entrepreneurs to set up shop, network, and get access to computer services, meeting spaces, mentors, and access to venture capital and angel investors. Read more...

The Jerusalem Post about SpaceIL and Jerusalem Startup Hub

Kfir Damari, a communications engineer at the helm of Israel’s first private space exploration company, Space IL, is equal parts hard scientist and hi-tech showman. Sunday night, Damari came to the downtown Jerusalem Startup Hub to make a presentation on his lunar exploration startup, Israel’s sole entrant in Google’s Lunar X competition, which offers a $30 million prize to whichever team’s craft can make it to the moon first. Read more...

SpaceIL in Jerusalem Startup Hub

SpaceIL is a non-profit organization, working to land an Israeli spacecraft on the moon and make Israel the third country (after the United States and the Soviet Union) to do so. The organization was founded by three young Israeli engineers, who undertook upon themselves the challenge of the international competition, Google Lunar X-Prize: a global race for landing an unmanned spacecraft on the moon. Meet the team of SpaceIL in Jerusalem Startup Hub!


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  • Desk
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Fax/printer
  • Desk
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Fax/printer
  • Locker by request
  • Desk
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Fax/printer
  • 3 hours use of the Conference Room
  • 24/6 Access
  • Locker
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Fax/printer
  • 3 hours use of the Conference Room
  • 24/6 Access
  • Locker

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Meeting Room (up to 8 seats) - 100 NIS/hour
Meeting Room (up to 16 seats) - 150 NIS/hour


innovative coworking space

Jerusalem Startup Hub (JSH) - the new Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Jerusalem. Located in the heart of the city, the Hub opened its doors in March 2013. JSH aims to be the center of start-up development in Jerusalem, a hub for break-through technological ideas from all over the world  and also serve as the window into the Israeli field of innovations for international investors.


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